Throughout this process I felt it was a catharsis. I felt the closed chakras and blocked chakras of my body open up. Time went by quickly... I felt that I have so much more energy after the session was completed. I looked at everyone’s aura after the exercise, and everyone’s aura was brighter. I feel that I am becoming more whole. Although I have the same concerns as before, somehow, how I feel about these worries have changed. I feel that I am getting lighter. (my energy is brighter and lighter.)
— C. Kihara

We learned about the importance of probiotics in foods, and then we actually learned how to make it! I love learning about things and then actually APPLYING it. Today we made sauerkraut and had meditation with organs. The small amount of people in the class made for excellent learning, because it feels more personal when we are getting more attention from the teacher.
— Amanda

I felt the energy of healing throughout the group. I feel that I am becoming aware of myself again.
— Char

In a nutshell— [Quantum Healing with Energy] level 1 had a wealth of information that was explained in plain English, so I could understand. I especially appreciated the explanation and the hands on exercises. It made me understand the information more clearly. I benefited from actually doing it, opposed to learning healing through a book. Level 2 energy healing [class] . . . I loved it!
— N. Simeona

I don’t want the [Nutritional Healing] class to end! The things I am learning and applying to my life are so helpful. I I have been helping others too! My mindset about cooking has evolved! I am now thinking first about the vitamins and nutrients I/they/we need, then thinking about the ingredients I want to use, and then think about how to prepare.
— Goldberg

Healing hands was the best feature of the class. My right hand felt very warm, tingled supporting Nalani’s energy. Really felt energy.
— Desseree

I got clarity on aura and aura reading. Doing the exercises, I sweat a lot. Something was happening to my body (I never sweat). Dila said it was releasing and i need to drink lots of water. The principle of “mind to matter” was never explained to me this way, even though I’ve heard it before. I learned a lot, book, storytelling of other’s experiences; and our excursion and the feeling of connecting with Nature. I felt a being of oneness with others in the class. I would recommend this class to others so they may experience firsthand what I did/and am doing now.
— Nalani

The best feature of the class was cooking and preparing. Hands on fun and interactive practice. It was very informative. Great energy. I stayed in tuned and interested in each subject. I would recommend this class to others to help them learn about themselves and the food they eat.
— Cali