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Reflexology Level 1

Reflexology Level 1

This course will teach students how to heal with healing touch on reflex and acupressure points of their body. Students will be introduced to the reflex points mainly in the feet that can strengthen the internal organ and body systems.  Other major acupressure points will also be discussed. When there is illness or discomfort, the channels become blocked, and the flow of energy is disturbed.  Working on acupressure points releases the blockage. Students completing this course will be able to understand the basic theory of reflexology, guidelines on the feet, joint mobilization techniques for the feet, and the locations of the corresponding reflex points on the feet for the for the neck, spine hips and shoulders and organs. We also focus or intention is using our natural intuitive and healing ability to access energetic points in the body through the feet. This course prepares students to be able to do a reflexology session and knowing which areas of the foot correspond to which areas in the body.

Dates: 9/30-10/28

Schedule: M 5:30-9:30 PM

Instructor: Brittany Freitas

Hours: 20

Tuition: $395 plus tax

Register: Call 808-626-5087 to register or for more information.

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