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Ha'awina 'ekahi (Advance Class)

Ha'awina 'ekahi (Lomilomi Beginners Class)

Aloha Lokahi Lomilomi is a style of Lomilomi designed to assist the healing in multiple dimensions. Emotional trauma connected to the pirit effects ones body, resulting in a form of pain or disease. One may have trauma in this life, past lives and/or family DNA. As one releases the trauma, no piko (energy forces within) opens and allows the body to release physically and to reconnect spiritually.

Aloha Lokahi Lomilomi allows the practitioner to assist in releasing the physical body with a gentle, yet powerful touch. I call it Hula style. It is easy on the practitioner as well as the person receiving. As one realigns the muscles, ligaments, tendons, organs, bones and cells, the body may heal itself.

Lomilomi is a lifestyle and a healing journey. As one learns to heal others, one learns to heal oneself. Designed with aloha (love) and lokahi (unity), this style of Lomilomi is true in helping many.

Aloha Lokahi Lomilomi

Ha’awina ‘ekahi (Advance Class

Quantum Institute International

931 University Avenue #207/208

October 6-8, 2018

Saturday-Monday (Columbus Day)

Investment: $300

Instructor: LiAnn Uyeda, Owner & Kumu Lomilomi

Location: Quantum Institute International; 931 University Avenue #207/208

Register: Call Lucky Thornton at 808-988-4440

Earlier Event: September 3
Hawaii Healing arts Festival
Later Event: October 13
Quantum Brain